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Triumph of Our Communities:  Four Decades of Chicana/o Art

The Bilingual Press/Editorial Bilingüe is pleased to announce that Four Decades of Achievement: The Contributions of Chicana and Chicano Art Organizations is underway. We encourage participation from Latina/Latino communities throughout the United States as we conduct research for this book.

Our goal is to document, preserve, and disseminate the work of the numerous community and other art organizations that have made major contributions to Chicana and Chicano art since the 1960s. The passage of time, changes in location, loss of records, suspension of operations, fires and other destructive events, lack of resources to document artistic work, and other circumstances put this artistic and cultural history at great risk. Similarly vulnerable are the images themselves, in whatever form they may exist, whether as original works, slides, photographs, or other representations. The book and its accompanying CD-ROM and website constitute a national project that documents the work of Chicana/Chicano artists and their sponsoring art organizations. While the bound volume will be a carefully and beautifully crafted book focusing on images, rich detail will appear in electronic versions.

We welcome input and participation from the Latina/Latino communities as we shape this book. Materials, such as organizational information, newspaper or magazine clippings, images of art, and other interesting photography or items.