Anna Jáquez









I believe it is important to make people aware of the positive aspects of the Mexican culture. I was raised in a world full of stereotyping. Comments such as: “Wow, you’re not Catholic? So, you’re one of those Allelujahs?” … “Is that your maid?” (in reference to my mother) … “I’m not Chicana, I’m Mexican-American!” (as my mother would say), are phrases I hear often. I feel that it is important to breakdown the barriers created by stereotyping. I believe that my art, if even in a small sense, can be instrumental in creating important dialogue among others.

I remember when Chicana / o was a derogatory term and I can understand why my mother can feel apprehensive about being called Chicana. Not only am I concerned with addressing Mexican culture in a positive manner, but I also feel that it is important to show Mexicans the positive aspects of Chicanismo.

Through my art I illustrate the positive aspects of my culture as I know it. Art can circumvent cultural and societal differences that words never can. I can reach out to a much broader group of people and allow them to experience a little bit of my life, culture, and family by letting them see glimpses of commonality in all of our lives.