Arturo Urista

I describe my work as social landscapes done with bright, bold colors. I use certain icons to symbolize my personal experiences growing up in East Los Angeles. I use my style of graffiti writing to surround the image or to give a certain texture and perspective.

The landscapes that I choose to represent in my work are the San Gabriel Valley mountains and City Terrace. Both give me the ability to produce large shapes roaming the hills that have an impact on the earth. I use those shapes as cultural icons that have a bearing in a neighborhood’s identity. For the hills of City Terrace I painted a large inverted pyramid whose vertex is carving the hills, and on top, a very simple representation of the pyramids of Teotihuacan.

I use the symbol of the cross as a conscious issue that I as a Chicano have living in this capitalist nation. I am a Catholic, and I can manipulate the cross that I bear to sway, swing, float in any way I want. I grew up with the notion that fighting against the injustices includes boycotting several American industries. I find my list of those corporate industries growing every year. The cross gives me a social consciousness that doing what is right will, in the long haul, benefit many. I choose paintings and drawing as media to express these ideas.

My intention is to keep producing works of art that make sense to me