Carlos Licón
I see shapes and planes and spaces between them which themselves have shapes and planes. Lines did not exist in nature. They are creations of the mind which could serve art by symbolizing the boundaries of forms and spaces. They can stop or lead the eye. The life of the swift painting must not be lost, for that very swiftness insured unity of feeling. The darkness must be wedded to the lights, yet each must enhance the other. The colors are patches of color of a given size, intensity and complexion; but, they are also steps in a complex "dance" of color which become, in turn, a rhythmical sequence of forms. It does not end until each contributing form becomes part of a whole form which fills the canvas from edge to edge and from it surface to the illusory depth while the painter's art has constructed. The essential thing is that the completed picture shall be a living unit of design, strong in tactile values and plastic in every sense. I am not clever with paint. I plan the canvas well and proceed little by little to build it up. This "build up" is what gives a painting its rightness and richness. Form, color, harmony oasis or mirage for the eyes, the heart or the spirit.