Celina Hinojosa

As a life-long resident of the Rio Grande Valley, I have had the great privilege to experience life and culture equally on both sides of the border. Each composition is a composite of inspirational characters, places, and moments witnessed in my life. My culture has always been at the forefront of my mind when dealing with my work. Being a proud Hispanic (with everything that constitutes that rich history) fuels my drive and gives me great purpose to paint. It is necessary for me to intimately know and feel what I create in order to communicate the idea. Dealing with hypocrisies in my work has never been an option–I do not paint what I do not know.

I am endlessly captivated by simple folks (all too often in rural areas) working earnestly with their hands, celebrating life in its simple context. When I look upon a person who inspires me I say to myself, “Let me paint you not in your gloom or struggle with the world as others may be quick to misperceive, but in the neat, orderly, and dignified fashion that you truly live by. Let them see what I see.” Then I breathe in deeply to consume it all and take the moment back to the studio. In my work I strive to capture those who have touched my human spirit. Whether they are today’s observations or yesterday’s memories, it is always when I have recognized that quality of “being” in them that they are worthy of honor and depiction on canvas. It is then that I launch my paintbrush!

My objective is to convey an overtone of contentment as well as warm feelings about our treasured people, landscapes, and harvests that are the very essence of South Texas rural living, which I feel is fading fast. Outside of any categorization, I feel that my artistic brilliance lies in the ability to move people and touch the human heart. In this I feel I am humbly and successfully servicing the world. I have come to learn that my art is the purest extension of myself, perhaps the best part of me. It is my personal belief, finally, that the greatest artist and inspirer of all is He who sets forth the elements, wildlife, and humanity. It is his divine scope I follow. We are all only representationalists, impressionists, expressionists, abstractors, and simply imitators of his genius.