Daniel Ponce Marquez

I work with different styles in a combination that represents my view of reality.

I paint my vision of the environment using my experience of the past and hope for the future.

Images in my artwork are from my feelings of confusion, struggle and faith.

Elements of repetition to express the continuing occurrence of similar events.

Memories of the past…Visions of cosmic future.


Continuously the influences furiously
attacking you, trying to steal your identity.

The culture is calling to you;
love for the life and respect for the dead.

Ancestors signs will remind you of the road of light
where you came from, where you are going and
where you are now.


Las influencias con furia constante
atacan tratando de robar tu identidad

La cultura te llama con
Amor a la vida, y el respeto a la muerte.

Señales de antepasados te harán recordar
el camino de la luz de donde vienes,
a donde vas y donde estás ahora.

Here We Are

Families have the urgent need to change
their lives and live with dignity as human beings.
From deep inside the consciousness a voice
screams, forcing every sense to listen….
Here we are still.
In memory of all the ancestors who taught us
our respect for the earth and all who dwell upon her.


Las familias necesitan con urgencia cambiar sus vidas
Y vivir con dignidad como seres humanos.
Desde lo más profundo del inconciente una voz grita
forsando todos los sentidos a escuchar…
Aún estamos aquí.
En recuerdo a todos los antepasados
Que nos enseñaron, el respeto a la tierra y
todos los habitantes en ella.