Daniel Salazar

Toma tiempo

Even during the heat of battle, take time to smell the roses is the message that I had in mind when I created this image as part of the pocho series entitled Machos Sensitivos. I want to challenge the traditional stereotypes of macho by envisioning alternative ways of appreciating and expressing machismo. Finding the courage to express our emotions, particularly those that reflect our capacity for tenderness and the non-exploitative appreciation of beauty, brings us closer to realizing our humanity and multi-dimensionality. I juxtapose historical photographs of the great machos of the past with actual miniature accessories representing traditional female roles to heighten the sense of reality and promote a re-evaluation of how these roles define, restrict and divide our relationships with the opposite sex.

El Valiente

This image was appropriated from the icon of El Valiente found in the popular Mexican version of Bingo entitled Loteria. Traditionally, El Valiente carries a bloody knife in one hand with a serape draped over his shoulder. In my version of El Valiente, his knife is replaced with a box of Huggies and he carries a baby in his serape. The message is simply that the true Valiente takes an active role in the nurturing and care of his children. This is an especially important message to promote because of the circumstances of teen-age parenthood prevalent in our barrios. The true macho finds meaning and fulfillment in his life by taking responsibility for his actions and participating in the cycle of life. By giving, not taking.


El Mandilon

Women find men who do housework more sexually appealing than those who don't. What an excellent indication that it's time to update our vision of macho. In this image, the classic portrait of the great Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, I have exchanged his sabre with a broom and his rifle with a box of Tide. He's also wearing an apron. Why would anyone, especially one of our own, so defile one of our most treasured icons? To dismantle the dominant patriarchal paradigm that so often divides and restricts us as well as perpetuates inequality between the sexes. What could be more revolutionary as we begin the new millennium?