Domingo Nuño
I pursue the making of artwork with the expectation that the process can reveal something to me and the result, the art itself, may be insightful to those who engage with it. In a long term perspective, I intend to pursue art-making as a life long commitment so as to allow for my work to truly develop and go through several transformations. It is my belief that there is a need for artists to develop extensive repertoires that serve as a record of a particular experience and provide the necessary content for future archives. My work expresses a specific cultural perspective, Latin popular culture, yet it is work that transgresses any particular circumscription and seeks to communicate regardless of the audience.

The making of the work follows some common photographic strategies, hunting and gathering of images from many sources, and then taken to its final form via the computer. The work becomes part of a new postindustrial economy of images with superimposed processes of stockpiling raw materials, extraction, distortion, layering, compositing, assembly, distribution and consumption.