Francisco Delgado

The United States-Mexican Border is a barrier where cultures and popular ideas transcend only to face other walls of political agendas. Mexico despises the “Americanism” that has imposed itself into Mexican tradition. Likewise the United States negates the “Mexicanism” that is part of the “American Way of Life.” Border Art, as my images are often called, explores this treacherous realm of conflicting policies. Often the artwork questions racism, Mexican and United States traditions, and immigration policies. The images expose existing problems as a means of confronting society and demanding a solution or debate among its residents. Through art not only theories can be discussed but also, art can be a means of empowering our people. Art is only an extension of our own unique realities that is a vehicle for a society, blind of social and economic status, to voice its agendas without the fear of being reprimanded for its beliefs.