Einar & Jamex de la Torre

As Mexican-American bicultural artists, We are on the one hand influenced by the morbid humor of Mexican folk art, the absurd pageantry of Catholicism, and machismo; and on the other hand, We are equally fascinated by the American culture of excess: its pornographic materialism, its blow-up doll aesthetic, and most of all, its lingering puritanism. We see the ability to play insider-outsider with our status as an asset for us as artists. Considering this, it seems natural for us to want work with a certain irreverence, even though irreverence can potentially lead to alienation and the feeling of being neither-nor. Instead, we see irreverence as a tool for reinvention. Reinvention coming from cultural mixes or mestizajes is what gives the border region its vitality, and produces weird hybrids that are very much anti-minimalist and decadent. These weird hybrids are expressed in our work by our use of mix-media, found objects, and other techniques that allow us to weave different juxtapositions.