Jesus "Chuy c/s" Rangel

As I bear witness to an ever-changing world of cultural diversity, art is one unifying venue that creates a language, a manifestation of expressing self-identity as an attempt to understand each other's passion and meaning of life.

The narrative that lies within my work captures the very essence of my interest in cultural anthropology and Chicano history, which expresses my political ideology within the context of my art.

I have made it my lifelong endeavor to create a narrative that provokes not only awareness, but also a discussion that challenges the social structure in which we live. The deconstruction of such a broad component is a challenge in itself; yet, in doing so, it propels my passion and objective of creating a utopia. The ambience surrounding the metropolis of Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciumcul (aka Los Angeles) surpasses the utopian notion of encompassing the enthusiasm of talent and creativity conceived by the visual and performing arts within this community.

My deep appreciation for such an array of talent and cultures compels my zeal to continue a higher level of artistic merit. The productivity of my practice encompasses a disposition of materials and methods reflecting nostalgia in Chicano culture juxtaposed with the historical discourse of ancient connotation impregnating contemporary society. This exertion derives from the disclosure of my environment and my involvement with the Chicano movement. The representational semiotics of my work deals with the esthetics of my Indigenous/Chicano culture inclusive to the counter-cultures, which makes Los Angeles the metropolis that it is.

The intent of my art is significant to many Chicanos, but to the masses unaware of my culture, I hope to strike a chord, a self-conscious relationship between the viewer and my artwork. I remain optimistic that the viewer will gain a better understanding of how different our customs are and yet how similar we are as people. It is then that I feel we can begin to live in harmony.