John M. Valadez

Above all, the work comes from an intuitive and personal place. I have opinions and ideas that go into the work which are not always clearly articulated and lead me into areas of my psyche, unresolved and vulnerable. The fear that rise up from this process and overtakes me wrestles with a commitment to give the work honesty, integrity and to also finish the damned thing. I am emotion. I am not concerned with any specifics of art theory, endless academic investigations of the creative process, trends towards technology, fashion, or cultural and racial nationalism. Lately (the last twenty years), I have been calling myself a painter and I choose realism as a means of production.

My subject matter is visual subversion, emotional manipulation, and to pierce that area of observation that transcends into memory. I will use any means necessary to realize my work, and most of it has been seen through the lenses of Chicano art. I haven’t checked recently but I think I’m still in that club (you might have to check with other members though). The collective overriding concerns on a relentlessly daily basis is how to survive as a viable creative person and not look too dusty at the next opening. Art making is the coupling of fun and pretension. Losing sight of primal motivation is the most frightening of hurdles.