José Esquivel

It's my main objective as an artist and communicator to express my point of view and articulate visually our cultural realities and social concerns. My paintings are barrio scenes that are reminders or memories of familiar places. The symbolism depicts some of our cultural beliefs, and also the condition and struggles of a people steeped in the culture of poverty—surviving in an affluent United States.

Labor Day Celebration

This painting is about devotion to our country, to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Although far from the American dream, the image of the pledging brown hand symbolizes our allegiance and contribution in building America.

Victory at the Temple

Victory at the Temple was inspired by the work of pastor Freddie García, a former drug addict. Pastor García is founder of the Victory Temple Church in San Antonio, Texas and has dedicated his life to helping drug addicts overcome their problems. His message is simple: "Give your life to Christ."

My objective in this painting as to be direct and communicate the message. As the image of Jesus Christ appears above the head of a tormented figure, the "wild beast" in him quietly raises his arms, surrendering his soul to the almighty Jesus Christ. This image represents many of our Chicano youth lost in today's drug jungle.



Nuestra Señora

The most important icon of the Chicano culture, Our Lady of Guadalupe. Nuestra Señora is the symbol of justice and hope for the poor and the oppressed.

My objective was to show her image and the mystery of her appearance in our insecure world filled with danger and violence.