Jose L. Reynoso

 I.           There are different methods for an artist to express himself. I have always used my imagination and memory to create an image. Because I wanted to develop my own pictorial identity, this is the approach that I use with every work I create. The ability to use my imagination made it possible to pursue my artistic endeavors.

II.           Relying on my imagination and memory to create is very challenging, but it's the best way I can relate those experiences that affected my life. The human form is the source of my inspiration, and I use bold colors to further enhance a certain feeling or emotion.

III.         During the early '90s I experimented with monochromatic color and at the same time got away from using brushes and started using drywall knives, palette knives, and spatulas. Experimenting made it possible to find new ideas to paint. Today I use the approach and colors that I find meaningful to the idea that I am trying to create.

IV.         Pintor y la Musa represents an artist in the act of painting. The feeling that I tried to convey is the enthusiasm I felt while working on this painting. The artist's passion for his work is symbolized by the red heart in the background. The muse is depicted as an abstract human form to symbolize the artist's source of inspiration.

V.           I see my work changing toward abstraction. I feel that this is perhaps a subconscious desire to find a new approach for expression.

Pintor y la Musa represents an artist in the act of painting. The painter is depicted with both hands holding a brush, further enhancing the energy and attraction of the work. In this work, I have attempted to express an artist's passion for his work.

The red heart is symbolic of that passion, which is also emphasized by the overall red hue in the picture. La Musa and heart occupy the background as abstracted shapes and forms. I find the act of painting and large paintings inspiring. I believe painting is very rewarding mentally and physically.

Artefactos is a semi-abstract oil on paper painting in which I tried to express and convey a sense of stillness and lifelessness. The horizontal and dominant shape in the picture enhances that feeling and suggests mortality.

Artefactos is meant to express the mortality of art. Death is an inspiring subject that is part of my artistic career, one that I find exciting, challenging, and positive to use in my work.

I am hoping Artefactos reflects (on the) the positive nature of the experience while creating it.