Juan Farias

Painting abstraction is self-taught from the Chicano Tribe. Painting is a spiritual event; each stroke is passion on canvas. I engage in a conversation with an opera of colors, of feelings, of energy, with the gospel and communion of the fifty years of my emotional life.

Cositas de amor 2000
acrylic on canvas 102 x 66 ins.

Cositas de amor is a piece of an ongoing series of paintings pertaining to my intuitive interaction with women. In a sense that’s how I perceive each painting a relationship, an affair, an icon. As in this painting a woman dressing, stating at herself in a mirror. The painter becoming the mirror, passionately giving back each admiring gaze with soulful brush strokes, embrujado as if long after it was over the scent and taste lingered inside me forever.

Como anoche, from the Chicano Tribe, Juan Farias

Nos ponemos como que tenemos calentura, bien sudaditos 2000
acrylic on canvas 66 x 66 ins.

This is another painting that belongs to the series of my intuitive interaction with women. This is an angry painting full of lust y noches sin luna, once again playing with the mirror. In this painting there was a lot of soulful abuse. The inspiration was that it kept me awake at night, I drank too much and felt embrujado y nervioso, I saw this as a divine test. I miss my dialogue with this piece, a veces me canta unos boleros.

Como amaneciste, from the Chicano Tribe, Juan Farias