Laura Molina

Angel Jessy

Everyone in this culture is familiar with the symbolism of angels. The artist tradition of angels and what they look like is, naturally, Eurocentric. Even modern paintings and other media almost always show angels as White. I decided to paint "Jessy" and other people of color as angels as a device to challenge and question the Eurocentrism that I and others like me must endure in our American educations and the Media. Even those of us characterized as "The Other" must have a cultural mirror to look in in order to heal the psyche wounded by racism. A deliberate decision and effort, in my case.

Valentine Aztlan

This heart pulled straight from the body of a victim and being offered to the Sun or a lover and its fiery background are an attempt to "stick a sharp pin in the pink balloon of faint-hearted and weak sentimentality about love and relationships." There is a trend in these post-modern times to see any kind of passionate feelings as pathological. Especially if you don't express the "right" feeling at the "proper" occasion and setting (such as a yucky pop song sung at a wedding). This view that you must put out a false feeling and pretend that you don't feel certain emotions, I think, denies our humanity.

The Cupid Indios continue to wound the still beating heart. And if you are in love with someone who sees you as less than human, you are going to suffer for a long time.

Past Due

Traditional Calvera folk art usually depicts humorous situations. This painting was inspired by my favorite Posada prints and depicts "collection notices from beyond the grave." A personal mix of the modern and the traditional to depict the stress of modern life and my feelings about death, as I felt about it, at the time that I painted it.



It's a Boy

This self portrait shows a graphic depiction of a private moment. A miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. The calm and reflective pose of the figure belies the tragedy of what had taken place during the night. Even with the bloody evidence of the end of a pregnancy in close examination, the realization of what has happened will not sink in for a long while, to be blocked out by youthful callousness and bravado, only to come up to haunt the conscious mind of the mature adult over and over again.