Los Anthropolocos

“As young graduate students Los Anthropolocos (Drs. Lou and Sánchez) would take the city bus, shovel and picks in hand, to their secret dig site and would excavate all summer long, lost in the sweetness of science and discovery. Their notoriety growing with each and every mummy discovered, they finally received the recognition they so richly deserved and earned…. The discovery of the lost ‘Colorless’ was to catapult them into becoming the rock stars of science.”

Photograph of actual dig site in East County San Diego being excavated by Los Anthropolocos, where they unearthed artifacts from white culture such as the Manilow LP (artifact #12897, vinyl and cardboard), found with the Shroud of El Cajón. This was found in the East County of Califas near Duke’s Transmission Repair. The Colorless always buried their dead near transmission shops. The shroud was used to completely wrap the mummified remains of the Colorless specimen in a cocoonlike physical state.

After capturing and tranquilizing these two magnificent specimens, Los Anthropolocos were overcome by a combination of euphoria and grief. They understood the importance of being privileged, figuratively, to travel back to some unspeakable primordial place. To see and touch one’s past is frightening. Los Anthropolocos walked the Mountains of the West, just north of Whittier, grieving, tormented, and forlorn. Had they reached the end of their life’s work, searching for and analyzing the Colorless? And what would become of these godless brutes? Would they be capable of learning a language beyond their customary grunts, squeals, and belches? Theses questions caromed off the left banks of their collective minds. As with lightning and thunder, there was a great burst of energy and light, then silence. The Captives of Fate World Tour was born.