Louie "The Foot" Gonzalez

Con ganas C/S

This work was made with love. Its imperfections, as in life, give it a living character. Many of the pieces insisted on existing. Some have partied with others. Most have spoken up at least once.

A humble poet once said, “Cuando ya no hay nada … (when there is nothing left) … the spark enters and begets art, art that explodes with every blink.”

I have learned from my fellow artists that to work with what is at hand is to start off on the right foot.

Gracias por todo,

Louie “The Foot” González

I did not become an artist out of some long held dream or desire to live the life of a bohemian, nor to become rich and famous and accepted into elitist social circles. Hell, I never intended to become an artist at all.

My goal was to become a writer of Chicano stories. I had a fascination with words and the fact that I was bilingual only added fuel to the fire. I enjoyed discovering “plays on words” that could be appreciated by other bilingual persons.

My exposure to visual art centered around the colorful posters being produced by a group of artists known as the Rebel Chicano Art Front, aka the Royal Chicano Air Force. I volunteered to help in the production of some of their posters and gradually became a poster maker myself–you could say that I became an artist by accident.

I came to understand that visual art is a very potent tool, capable of expressing one's point of view in a non-violent manner. It can also serve to educate. To express pride in Chicano culture and history is my main objective and, if in the process I can ignite a spark of intent in our young people to continue “La Lucha” for social justice, well, what more could anyone ask?