Luis Jiménez

"Luis Jiménez, in his work, celebrates the vitality of life. . . . Jiménez es un hijo de la frontera; he knows its people and the landscape. It is the transformation of these people into art that is his most important contribution to the art of this vast region which stretches between Mexico and the United States. . . . His subject matter utilizes the popular images of the cultura del norte, and a large part of it is depicted and transformed in the rough and tumble world of la frontera. He is also a son of el norte, and so he uses its materials and explores its emerging, popular myths. The tension, and attraction, of Jiménez's work is that he always creates within the space of his two worlds, the Mexicano and the Americano. He constantly shows us the irony of the two forces which repel, while showing us glimpses of the synthesis he seeks. . . . What a gift it has been to us for this talented artist to reflect on the soul of our region. He gives meaning to our existence and history."

Rudolfo Anaya (passage chosen by the artist), "A View from La Frontera," Man on Fire: Luis Jiménez, pp. 1, 3, 6