Manuel Burruel

Self-Portrait: The Journey

Monotype with collage

A few weeks after I was born in Navajoa Mexico my parents adopted me and brought me to Phoenix. This image contrasts the geographic shapes of two states, Sonora and Arizona. This is the literal journey of my young life. My adoptive parents are Mexican-American. Mexican traditions have always been around me, but American cultural norms were the dominant influence. The focal point of this image is a torn reproduction of my naturalization certificate. It seems unreal to me that I was born in Mexico. I find myself contemplating how those torn pieces of my life fit together. The original journey continues now in reverse.


Good Morning

Trace monotype

A portrait of my two cats who greet me every morning. The shapes of the cats in this monotype look similar to a mountainscape, so I put a sunrise behind them. I wanted this piece to make people smile and remind them of the unconditional love they get from their pets.