Martin Charlot










The following expresses how growing up surrounded by nature’s rhythm influences how I perceive and paint man’s spiritual and social condition.

Hot liquid lava glowing against the green tropical foliage births through rock of ages past. A ruby river cascading towards the cliffs to the sea. The sizzle of liquid earth and liquid salt meet in a plume of white crackling steam. New land born.

Nurtured in the blue womb of sky and ocean. The red rock cools to black, still retaining the swirls and splashes of its fluid state, and like the clouds above, dreams can be read into its abstract forms.

A crust of multicolored glass glistens in the sun, cracking and shattering whenever a bird decides to land or a leaf, blowing in the wind, touches down. A black fertile desert that all life bursts from, for what is now barren will be forest soon.

Cool forest, green cool forest – birds fly by, leaving trails of color light flickering behind them. Mist kisses the passerby with liquid lips and garlands them with rainbows on their shoulders. Fluorescent frogs dot the mulch strewn jungle floor -- and medicine is for the taking for those who know.

Below the treecanopy, rocks turn to green cushions of moss. Water cascades everywhere. Blue liquid music dancing on ancient paths towardsthe mother ocean, renewing all life. Captured in shallow pools it feeds the taro – and the taro feeds the child.

Abundant life, and a delicate perfume in the air.