Meggan De Anza

The inner search for the artist transforms the use of the emotional spirit. Artistic expression sets a mood in my work. I find my self conscious, yet, unconscious to the initial drawings that later become a final end painting, printing or installation.

Using the emotion as a tool, the artist transcends oneself to a higher degree of sensitivity. For me, religion, political and cultural awareness make profound imagery into my work. Crosses, skulls, children, many times, secure the mood. Through my work, I become the interpreter of my own passages in time, my experiences and constant search
for my cultural identity as a Chicana women. As a women we wear many masks trying to juggle or balance la vida. My art is a sequence of the passages of my life. There is always this silent struggle to survive as a mother, a worker, a woman, and especially an artist.

The paintings are, many times, faceless so anyone can walk into thepath. As people and cultures we have so much in common: mothering a child, or stories of our heritage as La Llorona or Dona Sebastiana. In my work I try to tell a story of passages of my own life or of those that have touched mi corazon. When I teach I allow my students to find their own story to tell and share with others.