Pedro Luján

My earlier work was involved with nature and the outside world. The work at present is involvedin the unity of the outside world and the inner self through the use of symbols. In order for me to create these symbols, I have to dream them or see them in a vision. They must come from my subconscious or else they have no power. I use emotionally charged energy fields of haunting psychic imagery to discharge a potent psychological resonance that is transferred to the viewer. Arising with the primal ground of the collective unconscious, psychic symbols provoke instinctive emotive states like anxiety, joy, fear or serenity. Viewers generate their meanings not at the surface level of perception but at the interior level of intuition.


The dominant aspect of my art is the persistent attempt to conciliate the boundaries between the natural world and the psychic inner reality of dreams and fantasies. The art is composed of primeval open-ended symbols are explorations and reverberations from the collective unconscious. The works are portals between worlds opening in to a cosmos of reverie and enchantment.