Ramon Delgadillo

Lines, forms and shapes bind the images in a landscape of metamorphic allegories; the mind subtracts, attracts, and detracts memories, situations delegated to subconscious aberrations on canvas filled with chemical strata and sticks.

The insane suggestions from the expressionistic metaphors on the canvas, the convoluted lines joining in the infinity come back to haunt you – The BARRIO dominates everything.


The name itself represents an example of neo-mestizaje that is unique to the U.S.-Mexico border. “La Kathy Mendoza” is someone who is a professional, a sophisticated Latina who has reached a certain status in the community. It is the Latina who people do not see, who is always battling stereotypes.

The smooth large figure, and its monolithic simplicity posseses the quality of the “Atlantes” from Tula, Mexico which were created more than twelve hundred years ago by the Toltec civilization who were the artists par excellence of pre-Columbian Mexico. The psychological impact of the piece never lets you forget its mythological roots. It is the elongated neck and figure that suggest a Giacometti-like quality. All this, together with its simple shapes and color schemes, open up the image to the spectator.


This painting started as a portrait of a friend but soon developed into almost a self-portrait. Beyond that, it depicts a very young, dignified Mexican-American who is very proud of his Mexican ancestry. He is not an “agachado” anymore, the submissive product of three hundred years of brutal Spanish domination. He is someone who ignores the racism that surrounds him, and tries to assimilate into the “normal American way of life.” He is no longer the Zoot suiter, Pachuco, Cholo of yesteryears. There are still hints of machismo. His true identity is concealed behind his shades, the perfect accessory to ogle the young girls passing by.

It is a very simple but well balanced work that evokes the Chicano spirit in every stroke and in every drop of Liquitex. The size of the work and the pure bright colors have hints of muralism and abstract expressionism. The color scheme evokes a certain place, time and mood. He stands apart because he projects himself into the future without leaving the canvas.