Ricardo Duffy

I was born in Monterey Park, California, in 1951 and grew up in an area called “Las Lomas.” I attended Mark Keppel High School where I excelled in art, athletics, and being a prankster. Friends and relatives often said I wouldn’t live past the age of twenty-one. One of my nicknames was “El Diablo.” I survived a real game of Russian Roulette and other crazy stunts and made it to Ventura College where I became interested in ceramics. After two years there, I transferred to Cal State Fullerton and majored in Art with an emphasis in ceramics. In 1977 I started my own ceramic and photography studio in Costa Mesa, I relocated in 1984 to Laguna Beach and soon afterwards I met Carmen, who is from Mexico, and together we created Monica.

Having rid myself of 70% of my mischievousness, I’ve redirected my energies in my family, my culture and art. This family union has injected a cultural statement into my art. Watching my daughter grow these past few years has made me think about my personal past, our cultural heritage, and the future of this planet.

My work is rooted in pre-Columbian artifacts, history, myths and yet it is a social commentary that pertains to the struggles of Latin America and to the parallel experiences of other nations. To me, it seems that if we are to survive pollution, war, totalitarianism, religious fanaticism, drug abuse, annihilation of the earth’s natural resources, and all the other ills that afflict our planet, we must create a universal conscience in humans.

Although my dry humor often manifests itself in my art, I hope my art makes people aware of why they do what they do and consequences of their actions.