Ricardo Favela

Through my various lectures, slide presentations, and teaching plans as well as my art, I try to offer a window into the picture of a people who have struggled fiercely to maintain their cultural identity and why they have refused to accept the mainstream as their ideal.

The styles and techniques of my artwork are a representation of the enormous separation between the Chicano and the European. For the most part, the works of myself and other Chicano/Indio artistas are not what the so-called "experts" call classic, or even technically brilliant. They are, however, works rooted in our concern for our people and culture, this giving the work a vibrant emotional life.

The fact that as a people we are tied into the earth by our indigenous heritage and ironically by the great U.S. society’s penchant for offering us menial farm worker occupation in our own occupied ancestral lands, leads me to strive with my teaching and art to ultimately influence and give consequence to our present educational system, whether inside or out.

(Ricardo Favela passed away July 15, 2007. Read remembrances from his friends and family here.)