Roberto Gutiérrez

My current artwork is about the Latino men and women who are employed every day serving others and doing the work to make the lives of others easier or more comfortable. My images represent Latinos doing those jobs that many others loathe or refuse to do.

I want to capture the faceless waiters and waitresses, the nameless grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, and tree trimmers who toil outside in the blistering heat on days when most people rush indoors for protection. I’m freezing in time the images of faceless, uncomplaining, and extremely hard-working individuals who persevere for long hours at low-paying jobs to furnish their families with a place to live, food to eat, and a decent existence.

For the last eight years, I have created original canvasses and works on paper that highlight particular neighborhood scenes in and around East Los Angeles, California. These art works have been produced in a series of posters. I’ve also created portraits and drawings of individuals including paleteros (ice cream vendors), fruteros (fruit sellers), cardboard recyclers, corta de árboles (tree cutters) and músicos (troubadours) in order to put faces on these “nameless” people who remain anonymous to so many others around them. I want to capture the human energy and presence of my fellow Latinos hard at work in a community that contributes greatly to the larger country.