Roberto G. Rivera

This is always a difficult choice of words for me to formulate: Why paint and how do you categorize yourself as a painter?

I am a painter because it is as natural a part of my life as eating and drinking. If I do not paint, I am unhappy. When I paint I am fulfilled. It’s as simple as that.

To create a piece of fine art is quite a challenge. For me it is always a difficult "birth": an evolution of surface treatment, a color and design exploration, a definition, a redefinition, and finally a refinement–problems to solve to my satisfaction. Sometimes I wonder which is the more enjoyable: the process or the final product hanging on my home or gallery wall.

I hope that my paintings show the passion that went into them and the thought.

As for category, I am to the left of representational and to the right of abstract, or is it the other way around?


I’ve been drawing and coloring since I was six years old. I am still doing it.

Every artist puts his fingerprint on a canvas–his unique life experience.

When I paint I seem to be on auto-pilot. I am busy working at a problem that is solvable only by my mind’s eye. It seems to know how far to go and when to quit.

Against the Right Wall

I want to viewer to see a nonrepresentational painting that has grace, beauty, and soul–a piece of art that deals with design, color, texture, and space. The white surface of the canvas has become a manipulation of these elements to form a "whole." This "whole" titled, Against the Right Wall, might be interpreted by the viewer as a metaphor for pursuing one's dreams and defining "success" for oneself.

City Escapes IV

The viewer of this painting will hopefully imagine a cityscape … or, deducing from the title, a place to escape to.

Lots of conjuring has gone on here. This is a design dealing with shapes and voids, "hot" and "cool" colors and various textural styles. These all come together in a painting that screams: "Look at me … I am a lushly painted cityscape; a 'hot image' painted with a lot of finesse and soul … and I am whole heartedly abstract. I am the city of Los Angeles, a big motivational piece of living art!"