Roberto J. Sanchez

The development and direction of my work is characterized by multiple formats combining painting, drawing, text, installations, performances, and video projects. Whether creating as a studio based artist, or in collaboration with other individuals using interdisciplines, the conceptual base is essentially narrative. Content reflects an ongoing interest in the symbiotic relationships between artistic expression and cultural issues that shape community and society.

As an educator I emphasize the importance in understanding the historical roots of visual communication both inside and outside the artistic arena. Reading, dialogue, and debate are seminal. Materials and methods are introduced as tools needing to be mastered and skillfully applied in the production of work where compelling artistic statements become the priority. Poetry, politics, and popular culture can also provide a fertile contextual hybrid of ideas provoking students to reinvent their impulses for creative expression.

Morning of Fragile Sanity (1997)

The suspended bone is a substitute for the body. It exists in a dream state as an object that elicits a sense of the vulnerable, comic, and enigmatic pathos of human existence. The yellow light emitted or reflected from window to bone to bedroom enters a space cast a sanctuary, cell, and stage.

Silla de la frontera #1 (1996)

In a continent divided, with lines incised into the dust of our ancestors, a seat of honor awaits as an elusive gift for those who endure the hardships housed in a land that was theirs to begin with.

New Interiors for a Restless Border

This work is comprised of a series of "object paintings" immersed in the realm of storytelling and the language of poetry. Each interior contains a mixture of the prosaic and the mysterious. The stores told, so to speak, are presented in visual form as hybrids of surrealist poetry, fictional novels, and the detritus of popular culture.

               I can tell you stories about each piece but feel, as in the reading of a book, it is more fascinating to allow the reader, or in this case the viewer, the luxury of one's own imaginative spirit.

               I can only hope that this new work provokes an exit from the ordinariness of everyday reality and, at least momentarily, draws one towards the new and unfamiliar experience of poetic life.