Rosa M.

I have come to see my artmaking as a spiritual endeavor, a calling. My artmaking is a process of making physical the dialogue within. It is a physical form of prayer. I believe that art is important because it notes the seasons of the soul and reveals to us what it means to be human. Although my work is seen as very personal, and is a record of my own journey and knowledge, it is not just for myself. It is a map for those who follow after me and contains a language of symbols that recur, that transcend time and borders, skin color and political ideology.

I feel that art is not an end in itself, but a method of creating an awareness of all that is most precious, most secret, most astonishing, and most enduring in life. I believe that art records and raises consciousness, and that in fact, it is a history of human consciousness. Therefore, I believe that art is not for art’s sake, but for a greater good.