Rubén Trejo

# 2 Jalepeno as a Sex Symbol
, 1986

# 2 Jalepeno as a Sex Symbol is part of a much larger series of works, over 40 in number. It definitely refers to Andy Warhol. I think after he appropriated the banana as a sex symbol, the most obvious choice left for me was the chili pepper.

, 1984

Caballero is a mixed media piece and a collage of cultural references from Picasso's Guernica to Mexican folkloric masks. In all of these works I feel like I am trying to be conscious of history, of our multiple histories, where they intersect, where they divide and where they are tragic and where they are just plain silly.






Los Siglos, 1992-4

Los Siglos was part of a series done during the Quincentennial. It is a collage largely taken from National Geographic magazines. I think it was my own private way of retrieving a dream not only deferred, but also shattered.