Rudy Fernandez

Through a personal introspective search, my art becomes an outlet to externalize inner feelings and therefore becomes a means of self-expression. It is both therapy and communication.

I have a love of different media and prefer to combine them to produce a final personal statement through those art processes. Craftsmanship as well as artistic statement are usually as important in my work. The importance of craftsmanship is a part of my upbringing. My father once said, "If you're going to do it half-assed, then don't do it at all." Being raised with this philosophy has strengthened my work not only in the quality of the work as artifact, but in the seriousness of its intent.

The imagery in my work stems from life long experience rather than from the need to use the stereotypical symbols associated with my cultural heritage. The use of such symbols as the rooster, the knife, the rose, the fish, and others, has come more from an ingrained association with those images as opposed to an intentional use of those images to obtain a desired reaction form the viewer.

I use the shadow box, or nicho, because I like the idea of containment. The nicho is recognized and effective in religious art. It has the ability to pull the viewer in and its altar-like form commands reverence. The form can be used to manipulate the viewers.