Sam Zaragosa Coronado


My work is influenced by my bicultural background.It is a combination of images that relate to both my Mexican and American heritage. Together they have shaped my life and created an existence of dual social and cultural contrasts. The reversal of the thinking process and the influence of that process has been a prominent factor in my world. It started in Spanish and was reshaped in English. I began working the fields and earth as a young boy and now I work with computers and the World Wide Web. Early on in my career I developed skills as a painter and now have ventured into the world of printmaking. This constant change and development is seen in myart. I work withsome of the same tools and methods as before, but I also developed skills that our High Tech society demands. It’s a new and interesting world that is limitless. This new experience takes me far away from my beginnings to the present which is full of technical possibilities. Possibilities that can span the length of time in a second. Where a world of color and images can change with a click of a finger. This is a new era. An era of bytes and bits. Of silicone and megahertz. An era that has influenced my approach to art and haschanged my life for now.