Susan Elizalde

Stylistically, the images that have been most inspiring to me are Cycladic figures and pre-Columbian imagery of Mesoamerica. Both are stylized and give only a minimal amount of information or indication of the human form. There is something of the human element that can be understood in these figures and at the same time they command a certain amount of attention or reverence.

My sculptures are hand built abstracted figurative forms. They are not defined as male or female. Some are tall, life-sized, solitary figures; others are small, and some are stacked forms resembling totems. With my current work, an important consideration has become how the work will be viewed. Placement and environment contribute to how they may be perceived or interpreted.

The intent of my work is to engage the viewer. Contemplation and interaction are what I would like to inspire. A situation is set up in which not all the answers are given. It is my intent to have people engage in thought process, one that makes them look inwards to their experience in order to interpret what they see. I want my work to make people stop, reflect, and walk away feeling they have understood or connected somehow. My goal is to come across like the images that move me –– simple yet powerful.