Tino Rodriguez

My work is my search for a spiritual philosophy that transcends simple duality. Western religions often set up simplistic dualities; good and evil, heaven and hell, spirit and body, etc. I am fascinated by the complexity of human sexuality, transformation, longing, and transgression. I present our human exuberance and decadence. I show the reverse alchemical process of putrefaction and rebirth, the total abandonment of rationality. I want to continue creating a syncretic universe in which all is integrated, whether it be good or evil.

In Sooo Sweet I explore the syncretic universe described above. An Aztec leopard-man devours his beloved to achieve orgasm and completion. He is the lover who has given himself over to his desires. The beloved offers himself, but not without hesitation. He is in a state of bliss and fear. The little girl with a crown of flowers has been sacrificed. Her innocent blood washes away the impossibility of the lovers achieving total union. The scene takes place at down, in a darkly lit, flesh-colored room, which could also symbolize the alchemical womb in which all will putrefy and be reborn.

Rosa Mística

Symbolizes the second rebirth: the birth chosen by the conscious and present being, a birth that will bring awareness and enlightenment into his existence.

Our Completion

Rumi (Jallalidin Mohammede Balkhi Molvai [1207-1273]) talks about the lover and the beloved being one. In this painting I depicted lover and beloved becoming one by virtue of devouring one another. Thus achieving the ultimate aim of lovers: "Oneness."

Anoush Ella (May It Be Sweet)

This painting depicts complete abandonment of the senses and of the spirit. Blood, lust, suffering, nature, innocence, rebirth, faeries, beauty, and passions unite and become what I call "La voz imposible" (the impossible voice): the voice that has the power to transcend the ordinary and become extraordinary.