Wayne Alaniz Healy

See the Way You Are
5' x 4'

A couple inside a bar in Boyle Heights are conversing from opposite ends of an opinion. The pregnant woman is drinking a beer but finding her old man's words hard to swallow. The expression on her face reveals that she has heard it all before. The man is drinking the hard stuff and trying to unload some of his guilt by blaming her for a lack of understanding. He's hoping the conjunto standing outside will come inside so that he can create a diversion by requesting her favorite song: "Mi Ultima Paranda."



La Mano de Siqueiros, 1997
8' 6" x 12' 3"

This monumental monosilkscreen is the second Siqueiros I made for an experimental project to create "mural sized" prints to commemorate the muralist on his 100th birthday. The piece consists of 20 individual prints pulled one at a time. The image shows David Alfaro Siqueiros supporting 2 Chicano/a muralists, lending credence to the theory that he is the father of the Chicano mural movement.

La Virgen de Venice
, 1995, 34" x 25"

A joint project between CSUDM and SHG was for artists to explore the image of the Guadalupana. I got a little carried away with the series and have her slam dunking a basketball, drinking at a bar, owning a boxing gym, in the guise of a tyrannosaurus, singing in a rock band and standing at a bus stop with a crying Jesus. Although I'm Irish and Mexican, I'm not Catholic and so I guess I thought I could get away with my irreverence.






La Virgen de la Cancha
, 1995, 34" x 25"
See La Virgen de Venice.









Sonrisa sin Humor
, 1993, 26" x 20"
A Cholo calaca in bandana and Sir Guy shirt confronts you with the intrinsic grin of the human skull. Although Día de los Muertos is supposed to be a festive occasion, this vato's stare is supposed to create an air of tension.




Pachuco, 1994, 25" x 34"
This print is one side of a diptych (with Pachuca). Decked out in 1940s Zoot Suit, this vato is doing the jitterbug with his jaina to the music of Lalo Guerrero's Marijuana Boogie.