Congratulations! It looks gorgeous! I've already told our museum, our art and architecture library, and KU's Center for Latin American Studies about it. I'm sure it will be quite the success, and I'm pleased to have had an opportunity to contribute to this important project. Please congratulate the team for me as well.

–Pat Villeneuve
September 20, 2002

Got the paperback version I had ordered of Contemporary Chicana/o Art: Artists, Works, Culture, and Education yesterday. Let me say that the book looks incredible, I am truly honored and can’t thank you all enough for letting me be part of something so historically significant. I showed it to another artist that is also in the book, Joe López, and he told me to let you all know that he too is eternally grateful for being allowed to be a part of something so significant.

–Xavier Garza
September 27, 2002

The art books are just fantastic. When I saw the galleys this summer in Santa Fe, I knew this would be great, but having the book volumes in hand is very special.
I loaned my copy to Delilah Montoya at lunch today, and she was very excited. She had not seen it yet, so I felt very good about it, and proud I knew you.

–Michael A. Olivas
September 27, 2002

The web pages on the Latina/o art book look great! My congratulations to all!

–María Almeida Natividad
September 30, 2002

Really great! I particularly like the fact that there are so many fine artists included–the total collection of artists and their examples of work will have significant bearing on their futures. Now is the time to expand your art collection.

–Refugio Rochín, Smithsonian
Center for Latino Initiatives
October 2, 2002

Yesterday I was surprised with a wonderful gift. The Chicana/Chicano Book is awesome!! You must be very happy with all your efforts. Congratulations to all those involved in this grand effort.

–Linda Arreola
October 5, 2002

Gary, I must congratulate you and all your staff on the tremendous job you have done with this book. The color pages really compliment the artwork, the layout of the two-volume set is very well organized, and the text is very well written. It is obvious that those professionals that worked on this book are of the highest caliber. Let me just say that I feel extremely honored to have been selected as one of the featured artists in this ground-breaking publication. This is going to be a very important reference tool for educators, museum curators, galleries, and anyone interested in contemporary art and Chicano art in particular.

–María Almeida Natividad
October 6, 2002

Thank you again for the beautiful books and for the excellent work you do for the university.

–Elaine Maimon
Provost, ASU West
October 6, 2002

I just received my copies yesterday. Beautiful and amazing. Thanks to you and everyone who must have worked incredibly hard to put it together.

–Alma López
October 8, 2002

It is beautiful. I am so happy to have been part of this wonderful project. . . . All the art is extraordinary. The reproduction is flawless. Thank you for all of your assistance in making my inclusion in this project possible. . . . Again, thank you for letting me be part of this wonderful and well-needed project.

–Silvia Capistrán
October 9, 2002

I truly and greatly appreciate all the hard work and committed dedication it took from you and everyone involved to put together such a beautiful book that took two volumes to complete. WOW, you folks are TRULY AMAZING!!! Anyway, WOW!! Again, I send you all my deep down heart felt thanks to you and everyone involved in this tremendous book project that obviously was put together with a lot of love, strength, energy, and commitment!

–Juan Granados
October 9, 2002

Wow, nice book. Seems to me that it's really needed, too. It's about time we started having luxurious books of scholarly value about ethnic minority artists.

–Latin Americanist
University of Arizona
October 9, 2002

Kudos!!! Kudos!!! Kudos!!! Mr. Gary.

I spoke to Magú early this morning and we both agree, this Coffee Table Bible is the best tome on Chicano/a art to come out to date. It is hard to judge these things when reading about one's self, because we live in our own skins but when I read through many of the other sections on artists I have had long relationships with, I was really impressed. I felt like you and your staff really knew these people as the carbon units that they are, instead of just some larger than life legend. Once again my friend, you and your staff have really out done yourselves and I am proud to be a part of this book.

–Rudy M. Fernández, Jr.
October 12, 2002

I thought these books were fantastic and marvelous and great and beautiful and informative and concise and succinct and a heaven-sent and the type of book we have needed and how appreciative I am as one of the
artists . . . kudos for all your tremendous effort . . . it was worth waiting for certainly and this guy is grateful for the effort . . . whew!! Thank you folks!!!

–Gilbert “Magú” Luján
October 12, 2002

You have done an outstanding job. They are truly beautiful! I, as an artist included in Volume II, couldn't be happier and more appreciative. You have motivated me to continue my artistic path like you can't believe.

To the author who interpreted my art so eloquently, Joaquín Alvarado, you were "right on" and thank you so very much.

–Roberto G. Rivera
October 14, 2002

The books are so beautiful. I don't know what to mention first. I have been getting to know new Latino artists as well as getting reacquainted with old friends whose faces and work I had not seen in a while. I am impressed with the array of artists and artwork you have represented here. As an artist, it is so valuable to see the variety of faces, intentions, and expressions that I am a part of.

The covers are striking. My favorite is the Maya González (The Love that Stains). And the reproductions in the book are of wonderful quality. I have read many of the artist info and am impressed with all that I am learning. Everything is so well written.
I especially liked my pages (of course I have to mention them). The writing was so eloquent. I appreciated the description and interpretations. It was the first time I read it in its entirety and I am pleased with it. You and all the other authors and contributors and all the staff did a very impressive and important job. I wish I could send everyone my thoughts and thanks.

Every time I come to the books I have a range of reactions from loud excitement to quiet respect. I am grateful to be a part of this book. I appreciate its intelligence and its passion. It is powerful and says much about our culture and about our humanity.
Thank you.

–Mónica Martínez
October 14, 2002

May I congratulate you and your staff on an exceptional art book. It is a historic book that not only depicts some great Chicana/o artists but also gives a true interpretation of who we are and where we come from. A cultural and educational awareness for our children and the world to see what Chicana/o art is about. I sent a copy to a friend and he thought it is one of the finest art books he has ever seen.

My thanks to Kaytie Johnson–her dedication, sensibility, and writing skills are superb. My regards to Kaytie.

Again, thank you for everything.

–Gaspar Enríquez
October 16, 2002

I am very proud to be a part of this major publication and very happy for my colleagues. Congratulations to all!

–Linda Vallejo
October 16, 2002

[The books] are, to say the least, fabulous and I am tremendously proud to be a part of such a fine collection of artists. I have always felt that we as a people have entered into the beginnings of a renascence and it is beautiful to know that this book will become a staple in this art movement. By being documented and historicized, I now know that all of my work and dedication has not been in vain.

–Raúl Paulino Baltazar
October 17, 2002

Thank you so very, very much for my two volumes of the contemporary Chicana/o art book! Both volumes are so beautiful! I’m very lucky, privileged, and honored to be a part of this great endeavor!

–Roberto Gutiérrez
October 18, 2002

Wow! The books look incredible. I am so honored to be a part of this historical effort. Thank you so much, you have made me very happy!

–Max-Carlos Martínez
October 19, 2002

I received the books and they are absolutely great. Kudos to everyone involved in making this publication a reality, especially Gary Keller.

–Jerry De La Cruz
October 21, 2002

I've been meaning to write for quite awhile now to express my profound appreciation for the exquisite two-volume set of Chicano art books that you sent me. The product far exceeded any expectations I may have had. The books are simply magnificent. What a great job. My hat is off to Bilingual Review Press. Thank you so very much.

–Jorge Eagar
October 24, 2002

Recently, my professor and mentor, Don Anton, a contributing artist in the Chicana/o art book, showed me this two-volume set. As a Latino activist student studying art and art history at a predominately white university (over 70%), I was greatly inspired with an enormous sense of pride and vision of the growing influence by which the Latino artistic aesthetic will have on the impact of the future of the study of Eurocentric art history as a whole. Like I mentioned to Professor Anton, as an art historian, this is really the only set of books that should be on my shelves (I am one language class short of an art history degree, and Spanish is not an accepted one!). As an artist, these are the greatest art books that I have ever had the privilege of studying.

–Efrén Aragundi
October 24, 2002

I received the 2 volumes last week—I have been so elated—what a marvelous job you and your staff have created. A very special thanks to you and your staff.

–Rubén Trejo
October 24, 2002

What gorgeous art work, I’m absolutely stunned, what a treat to receive, I love it. I repeat, I love these books. Gracias.

–Alma Luz Villanueva
October 25, 2002

These books are beautiful! I truly appreciate all the work, time, and energy that went in accomplishing this enormous task. I hope that all your future projects are as successful as this one.

–Alexandra Zalce
October 28, 2002

Very impressive volumes.

–Milton D. Glick
Executive Vice President &
Provost of the University
Arizona State University
October 30, 2002

I received the great two books; handsome! You all did a beautiful and honorable job. I'm sure all the artists are happy with the two pages dedicated to each. Seriosly, the approach of small photo and quote personalized it nicely, notwithstanding by any means, the super large prints.

–Celia Muñoz
November 1, 2002

We have been enjoying the books. They are beautiful.

–Mario Castillo
November 5, 2002

The books look fantastic! And the Web site does too!

–Joe L. López
November 6, 2002

Congratulations on a great job done with the publication, great reproductions, insightful information about each artist, good idea to do grouping of images around significant themes, the scope of established and non established artists is incredible. I have been showing the books around Chicago and they just love it. Everyone, institutions and artists, are excited about this wonderful resource.
Thanks for all your great work!

–René Hugo Arceo
November 19, 2002

Good work! I brought them [the books] to the university today so that my students could see them, and if my students are an indication, the books will have an impact on future Chicano artist. "I did not know that there were any good Mexican artists out there, I thought there were only them," said one student. So as you can see, it is very positive from an educational point of view.

–Carlos Gómez
November 26, 2002

This is another great effort...kudos to you for your wonderful
perseverance, stamina and gifted commitment to the Arts of Raza.
Congratulations for a grand scheme.

–Gilbert “Magú” Luján
November 29, 2002

…Was impressed by the published book on Chicano Art… Congratulations and keep up the good work. This type of support is greatly appreciated as there are many Chicano Artists who have exceptional talents, but are not recognized. I believe that you have a great and sincere interest in having Chicano Artists represented.

–Cris Escobar
Chicano Visual Artist
December 4, 2002

I've had some time to look at both volumes -- wow, what a book! Congrats. This is really an important work, and what you have done to help
expose these artists and Chicano art, in general, is historically important.

–A.P. Gonzalez
December 6, 2002

“This book, Chicana and Chicano Contemporary Art, is a monumental two-volume set that is the absolute bible of contemporary Chicano art. It really details the wealth and breadth of the whole Chicano art movement. It’s essential for anybody that wants to know anything about Chicano art.”

–Cheech Marín
December 6, 2002

I felt the book was beyond belief in its beauty and scope.

–Zarco Guerrero
February 7, 2003

My congratulations on the wonderful work that all of you did with this groundbreaking book. It is a literary gem in the field of art and will become a most useful resource for teachers, artists and others in the arts community.

–María Almeida Natividad
February 8, 2003