. . . This set represents a major attempt to understand and provide access to Chicano art. . . . Academic libraries, large public libraries, special libraries with art history or Hispanic collections, and smaller public libraries serving Chicano populations will want to purchase this set.

–Sylvia Andrews, Library Journal
January 2003

The recently released book is being applauded as a powerful scholarly work that legitimizes and fully recognizes Chicana and Chicano artists and their work.

–Ramón Rentería, El Paso Times
November 17, 2002

“The whole essence of the book is celebrating Chicano art. . . . That’s the largest effort I’ve seen so far. It’s a big step toward validating and justifying our efforts.”

–Gilbert "Magú" Luján, quoted in
The San Bernardino Press-Enterprise
August 9, 2002

“I’m just blown away. I didn’t realize the magnitude, quality and diversity of the work that was going to be in there until I saw the books.”

–Mauricio Olague, quoted in El Paso Times
November 17, 2002

“It is a historic book that not only depicts some great Chicano and Chicana artists but also gives a true interpretation of who we are and where we come from.”

–Gaspar Enríquez, quoted in El Paso Times
November 17, 2002

“This book, the most comprehensive and lavish that has been conceived, advances the goals and accomplishments of Chicana and Chicano artists to a new level of sophistication and significance.”

–Gilberto Cárdenas, Executive Director,
Inter-University Program for Latino Research
quoted in El Paso Times
November 17, 2002

“This book is a comprehensive compendium of Chicana and Chicano artists that highlights the rich diversity of an art movement that is now achieving full recognition in the art community at large.”

–Manny Romero, ASU Insight
September 20, 2002