Daniel Martín Díaz's work appears to have come to us from an earlier millennium. A devout Catholic and self-taught artist, he studies and is enthralled by the religious imagery, alchemical symbols, color palettes, and combinations of image and text used in European and Latin American paintings of past centuries. The images he creates use similar elements to make a statement about the mysteries of faith. In Magicus (Latin for "magical"), Díaz limits his palette to tones of sepia, black, and muted red, and he has used the printing process to give the paper the look of ancient parchment. Díaz has said that his parents, who came from Mexico, had traditional beliefs that seemed to him to have no logical explanation. He uses the unanswered questions from his past, those things that are mysterious and unknowable, in his work today.

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2003|Lithograph|30"x 22.5"| Ed. of 100

Daniel Martín Díaz