The works of Luis Jiménez exhibit a profoundly Chicano aesthetic and sensibility, one that is informed by Mexican and Mexican American traditions, North American popular culture, Chicano cultural icons, and images and themes unique to the Southwest. His graphic works, much like his monumental fiberglass sculptures, are brash, dynamic, flashy, and sensual, a mixture of popular rasquachismo and superb draftsmanship.

The idea for Cholo and Van with Popo and Ixta stems from the Mexican mythological characters Popocatepetl and Ixtacihuatl and also alludes to other classical sources such as Romeo and Juliet. It captures Popo as he is holding the dead Ixta; both of them, according to mythology, will be transformed into the twin volcanoes that dominate the central Mexican tableland (here in the background). The images of the eagle, cactus, and snake evoke both Native American and Southwestern mythology and imagery. This vignette serves as an allegory for the deep sense of loss felt by Hispanics, both in Mexico and the United States, resulting from the destruction of their culture by outside forces.

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Cholo and Van with Popo and Ixta
1998| Lithograph | 27" x 39"| Edition of 100

©2000 Bilingual Review/Press and Luis Jiménez
Luis Jiménez
1997| Lithograph | 48 " x 36"| Edition of 80

©1997 Segura Publishing Co. and Luis Jiménez