The importance of family and tradition are at the heart of Félix López's art. His father worekd with wood, devoting much of his professional life to carpentry. López attended New Mexico HIghlands University in Las Vegas, graduating in 1975 with a BA degree in Spanish and a minor in German. He began teaching languages at the high school level in California, but after five years he returned to New Mexico. His father's death in 1975 had a galvanizing effet on Leopez. The funeral was a traditional one, and López found himself deeply moved by the spiritual associations of the wooden santos that had been part of his culture. This experience led him to express himself creatively and to dedicate himself to preserving the santero tradition. Ensuring that the tradition continues to bridge generations, he has passed on the art form to his son Joseph and his daughter Krissa María. Mensajero is in memory of his mother, who passed away in 2004.

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Mensajero: En memoria de mi Madrecita Eva
2004|Lithograph|30"x20"| Edition of 100

Félix López