Proudly proclaiming himself ethnically as a Chicano, Joe lLópez's art is a metaphor for the historoy and traditions of the two countries he identifies with--Mexico and the United States. Spending his early life in a barrio near the posch neighborhood of Alamo Heights, San Antonio, López considers "El Barrio Escondido" (The Hidden Barrio) as the cultural backdrop for all his works. A leader of the Chicano art movement, López has gained national acclaim as an artist who paints real life inspired by the triumphs and tragedies of a barrio childhood. Perhaps one of his greatest achievements is the manner in which he has gained such acclaim: born with one hand, López learned the skills of an artist with virtually no resources thanks to his wood-carving uncle and renowned satercolor opainter Warren Hunter. Being self-taught also helped López dive into the world of management through hisGallista Gallery in San Antonio, which promotes new and unknown artists.

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2004|Lithograph|22"x16"| Edition of 60

Joe López