The Serie Project, Inc., of Austin, Texas is a non-profit Latino arts organization that produces, promotes, and exhibits serigraph (silk screen) prints created by established and emerging artists. A collaborative workshop format is the setting used to foster diverse artists’ development and creativity through exposure to the serigraph technique. Each participating artist creates a limited edition serigraph print and The Serie Project, in turn, is able to make the fine art available to the public through these affordable, signed and numbered prints. The prints are also exhibited throughout the year at various museums and galleries in and outside of Texas. All of this is accomplished at no cost to the artist.

Each year, 12 to 15 artists are invited, through a referral and juror system, to participate in the Serie Project. They come to Coronado Studio, one of only three print studios in Austin, Texas, to create an original work, collaborate with a master printer, learn how to create a serigraph print, and produce an edition of 50 prints. Serigraph printmaking is a very specialized printing medium. Only a handful of fine art print shops exist in the United States, and even fewer are Latino-owned and operated. Depending on the number of artists, anywhere between 600 and 750 prints are produced annually through the Serie Project. The focus is on the work of Latina/o artists, but is not exclusively so. The artist keeps one half of the prints s/he produces, and the Serie Project keeps the other. The sale and exhibition of these prints helps to promote the artists, and to sustain the Serie Project.

The artists are not charged for their participation in the program and they learn the basic process of fine art printmaking, as well as its technical aspects. Serigraphy is the fine art process of printmaking commonly known as screen-printing. In contrast to the commercial silk-screen pneumatic machine process, each color run in the serigraph printmaking process is hand-pulled by the master printer in collaboration with each individual artist. This hand-pulled craftsmanship makes the small edition as unique as an original painting. Each artist is provided with the facility, materials, and master printer needed to complete the printmaking process. This allows the artist to explore and create work in a medium they might not otherwise be able to do, due to the lack of resources.