Analu Lopez

Through the media of Photography and digital manipulations I create works dealing with issues of identity. Of primary importance is my view of photography/art as a serious and responsible vehicle for exploring issues existing in our Mexican/American/human culture. My very existence influences the interest regarding the dimensions within what occurs when cultures clash. Integration and sharing of these ideas through art work I create is a mission I have dedicated to my community. I use photography as a vehicle to interpret historical events, social injustices or simply document the evolution of the Americas and its (Latino) inhabitants then and now. My work is an effort to create awareness of all these ideas with the hope of one, creating dialogue across cultures and generations and educating others.

I hold education as a priority whenever creating something. Education spans from formal to informal. Formal institutions have a tendency to teach a lop-sided sense of History, Art, Literature, and Religion making education frustrating on kids. Both forms of education are needed to create a balance in the universe and its people. But many times we cannot leave it to academics to educate us in these things and this is where the Art World has an important role. The arts are a great support vehicle for exploring this imbalance of ideas existing in our society. Art can help young people and other generations grasp experiences in a unique way, while giving them an opportunity to create a history of their own and integrate it into the timeline to be recognized. I believe young people should receive education in regards to their history and be given the opportunity to create ideas through art as it pertains to that history.

Currently I am working on a project where I am creating "fictitious" products that will alter ones identity when used. I am integrating these products into my photographs while documenting the models as they go through the performance/process of utilizing these products.