Angel Cabrales

I see myself as an artist, who happens to sculpt a lot. But I would not limit myself to being just a sculptor. I also love to paint and draw. I have a background in graphics. Drawing was my first love, but as time passed, my love for creating evolved. It became something that could use any medium, so long as it came to be. The creation of artwork is what brings me tranquility, but the fact of its existence is what brings me satisfaction. I can draw and paint to no end, bringing forth new realities on paper and canvas. Unfortunately, they always remain flat, untouchable, a mere glimpse into the window of an alternate universe. The weight of a sculpture, on the other hand, brings forth an undeniable voice of importance and a new sense of reality. A world that is unknown to us, yet closely related, the reality next door. Realism takes a seat and allows a new world to stand up. In a world of pain and suffering, I believe there is already too much realism. Why make more? I do not want to deny this world, but would rather show that it is not our only option. We cannot escape our reality but we can influence and change it. Make someone take notice and wonder? why is it there and what does it mean? Stir the thoughts of the individual and have them question their reality; question themselves and their lives. Look at artwork like the puzzle that it is and realize that life is a puzzle as well. My artwork varies in media, style and form, from steel to acrylic, figurative to abstract. Each piece fits in my puzzle to form me; just as the viewer redefines each piece for his or her own puzzle.