Arturo Olivas

"I am a contemporary santero in the Nuevo Mexicano tradition who participates in the "romantic revival" of this venerable art form. I create images of Catholic santos in paintings called retablos and in three dimensional sculptures called bultos. I adhere to the canon of orthodox iconography for my traditional work and tweak this very same tradition in my contemporary images.

I also create devotional jewelry such as chaplets, rosaries, and relicarios using a wide variety of semi-precious stones and sterling silver. The relicarios are miniature hand-painted santos encased in sterling pendants covered in glass and also set with semi-precious stones. The latter are created by my collaboratrix, Bernadette Caraveo-Rodriguez.

My work has been collected by the Museum of International Folk Art, the Denver Art Museum, the Heard Museum, the Regis Museum, and COPIA."