Celia Herrera Rodríguez

I am a visual artist: painter/installation and performance artist. An educator Xicana/o Art History, Theory and Practice at University of California, Berkeley, Chicano Studies Program; and California College for the Arts, Community Art and Public Life and Diversity Studies.
BA: Art and Ethnic Studies
MFA; Painting

Recent Exhibitions in 2006 include: " Sola, Pero Bien Accompañada" at CN Gorman Museum, University of California at Davis; "Celia Herrera Rodriguez" works on paper at Multicultural Center, University of California Santa Barbara. Installation: "Semilla Caminante" in the Encuentros Exhibition, Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco;
Up coming Installation and Performance at Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College of Chicago: " A Prayer for the Mother Waters for Peace" opens October 12th, 2006.