Cyndi Hidalgo-Knies

As a Chicana Artist, for me, most of all my experiences in life have been both spiritual and visual and have always been full of passion & color!

Though, as a young girl, art was never an option for me to build my career on. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that we live in a society that tends to lack the importance of visual arts, let alone Chicano/a Artists.

It is unfortunate that so few young people today are encouraged to pursue a career in the arts. In a popular society dominated by excess, it seems that most young people are pushed or often gravitate towards those fields, which seem most financially rewarding. In this age of communication and technology, we tend to overlook the integral role that the visual arts have played throughout human existence. Aside from documenting the human experience, the act of creating and responding to inspiration keeps us connected with our inner spirit, and allows us to gain insight on this human experience in a local and global scale. In a popular society dominated by excess, I am proud to say that I am an artist.