D. Del Reverda-Jennings

My distinctive sculptural works are known for being metaphors of ancestral
connection, evocative of the spiritual powers existing between women and
nature. I incorporate expression of ancestral spiritual existence as an
individual, as part of the human continuum, as well as naturalism and
symbolism from ancient and modern cultures related to me through heritage to
formulate a personal imagery. I create narrative works which refer to my
native roots going back to Africa, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and
my birth/life in Alaska utilizing culture and the traditions that have
become so much a part of my persona. This work provides an apt metaphor not
only for my feminine perspective of spiritual and cultural expression but
for universal concepts and associations that persist over time in the
collective human consciousness. I feel that as an artist, the material used
and the spiritual essence unite in ritual expression as a means to discover,
relate and interpret the meaning of life. Creative ritual can transform
materials and/or objects to make them function spiritually as well as
physically and my intent is to attempt to give physical form to the hidden
processes of the spiritual and natural worlds. I hope to make objects that
embody these compelling qualities.

My work is both unusual and unique. I utilize mixed-media, producing
dimensional pieces inclusive of highly charged, worked and reworked (chased
and repousse`) surfaces or deep variant tactile compositions. My
utilitarian pieces mediate between functionality and existence as objects of
beauty. I create ethereal, organic sculptural work reminiscent of ancient
entities which whisper near silent inner voices, intimate of whom I was
before I became who I want to be. Light shimmers in undulating patinas
within the incised sections or speak in bold character in the unusual
intricate relief textures. I bring facets of my sculptural techniques to
my textural abstract compositional work utilizing vibrant hues and complex

I work within a wide spectrum of materials and textures. This adds to the
complexity of the images that I create and incorporates edginess and
intricate detail into the imagery, which also happens to develop a visual
dialogue and a physical reference or presence. Many of my pieces are
psychological portraits that explore the diverse sides of human nature, such
as our desires, strengths, continual change, the everlasting, the fragility
and beauty of life.

Through art I give voice, celebration and inspiration. I make the many
forms of my work for all who appreciate the unusual and it becomes more
richly textured and more complex as ideas rapidly evolve through my life
participation of creativity, wanderlust and beauty. I create to be heard,
to show my joy, to tell my story. I create because I am driven. I hope
that others in experiencing a taste of my artistic magic will come away with
the same appreciation and enthusiasm that I receive in producing each piece.