Erik López

I'm an artist from Boise, ID. My art labels are Psychopez Dezigns and Insuboardnart. My artwork is mixed media, acrylics and digital. I have a vision for a new direction of Latino/American Indian art. I call it the Futurewest artstyle. A digital world is yet to be explored. I would like to be a role model for young artists to look to the future and embrace technology but never forgetting the past or where they come from. I made the cover of Lowrider Arte Magazine Dec/Jan 2005. This was a great honor. Thanks to Primedia, it was great for my spirit. I would like to get national/worldwide publication and distribution of my work. I would like to meet investors, publishing companies, screen printers, artists, musicians. Also people in the print industry and arts community. I need to share it with as many people as possible. I am presenting a future back in time. Taking the culture into the future. Thanks for checking out my artwork. I hope you like it.

Let's chat and let me know what you think. Thank you!